Division C States

The C Division State Tournament will be held on March 9-10, 2018 at Le Moyne College.

March 9-10, 2018
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Rd
Syracuse, NY 13214

Jamie Cucinotta, State Director: jcucinotta@newyorkscioly.org

3/7/18: Teams may practice their Mousetrap Vehicles in the Recreation Center from 3:00 to 4:30 PM. However please realize that all vehicles must be impounded before the 5:45 PM deadline.

2/19/18: Science Quiz Bowl: All teams must bring a #2 pencil to this event. 

2/19/18: Mission Possible Updated: Per section 4.d.: The ASL must be submitted to the event supervisor at impound. 

2/18/18: Helicopter: The LeMoyne College handball court dimensions for the C Division State Tournament event location is as follows:  Handball Court 3 is 12.164 m l x 6.095 m w x 5.983 m h.

2/14/18: Mission Possible: All Teams must bring their own table to place their Device per the instructions in the NYSSO State Tournament Invitation letter.

***Please Note: If a team does not bring their own table, in order to participate, there will be a 50 point penalty to their team score.

2/9/18: NYSSO State Tournament Lunch Order Form: 2018 C Division State Tournament Lunch Order Form

2/9/18: Rocks & Minerals B/C: The following 5 minerals have been added to the B/C State Tournament List.
Labradorite feldspar

10/12/17: General Laptop Information: Astronomy Or Event Requiring a Laptop:  
All laptop computers must come FULLY charged before the event.
Charging capacities WILL NOT be provided for devices during the event

February 22, 2018:  2018 C Division State Schedule


2018 C Division State Team Numbers

2018 C Division State Team Room Assignment: 2018 Team Room Assignments Division C States


Le Moyne College Campus Map 

Le Moyne College Coyne Science Center Floor Map

LeMoyne College Science Center Addition (SCA) Floor Map

Le Moyne College Grewen Hall Floor Map

Le Moyne College Reilly Hall Floor Map

Le Moyne College Mitchell Hall Floor Map

LeMoyne College Handball Court  Pictures