Division C Events

2018 Events

C Events

Event Name (soinc.org) Resources New/Trial Event
Anatomy & Physiology
Boomilever New
Chemistry Lab New
Circuit Lab New
Codebusters New
Designer Genes New
Disease Detectives
Duct Tape Challenge Trial
Dynamic Planet
Experimental Design
Fermi Questions
Please Note:  The following is a list of specimens that may be used at the Regional Tournament.  It is a tentative list and may be incomplete.  Do not be surprised and caught unaware of other       
fossils at the Regional tournament.

List of fossil specimens for 18-19

GeoLogic Mapping
Mission Possible
Mousetrap Vehicle
Parasitology National List Trial
Protein Modeling
SciTech Bowl Trial
Sounds of Music New
Water Quality New
Wright Stuff
Write It Do It