Division C Events

2018 Events

C Events

Event Name (soinc.org) Resources New/Trial Event
Anatomy & Physiology
Boomilever New
Chemistry Lab New
Circuit Lab New
Codebusters New
Designer Genes New
Disease Detectives
Duct Tape Challenge Trial
Dynamic Planet
Experimental Design
Fermi Questions
Please Note:  The following is a list of specimens that may be used at the Regional Tournament.  It is a tentative list and may be incomplete.  Do not be surprised and caught unaware of other       
fossils at the Regional tournament.

List of fossil specimens for 18-19

GeoLogic Mapping
Mission Possible
Mousetrap Vehicle
Parasitology National List Trial
Protein Modeling See this page for more information
SciTech Bowl Trial
Sounds of Music New
Water Quality New
Wright Stuff
Write It Do It See this page for important Write It Do It information.